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Digital Marketing




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Digital Marketing is broad. It includes all thing done both online and offline, using digital technologies, geared towards achieving your Business goals.

Below are some of the broad activities which are considered part of digital marketing:

–          Paid Search

–          Search Engine Optimisation

–          Content Marketing

–          Social Media Marketing

–          Email Marketing

–          Mobile Marketing

–          Marketing Automation


These among other more detailed undertakings, are what we offer Services and Training on.





Entrepreneurship is both the study of how new businesses are created as well as the actual process of starting a new business.

An entrepreneur is someone who has an idea and who works to create a product or service that people will buy, by building an organisation to support those sales.


At Hofti Technology, we train entrepreneurs and guide them through the process of bringing their ideas into the market.


Below are some broad topics we consider in making entrepreneurs:

–          Requirements for Start-ups

–          Why New Businesses Are Started

–          What Kind of Business to Start?

–          Core Considerations:

. Finance

. Law

. Leadership

. Marketing/Planning

. Operations

. Strategy


Training and Consultations are organised for groups and individuals.