Our Services Areas Include:

  1. Design Solutions Consulting: (Products, Processes, Services and Experience Design) The services we offer are based on the challenges we are presented with by our clients. If a client desires to deal with a particular friction, they will contact us, and we will use suitable design and design thinking tools, including precise problem definitions, research, analysis and redefinition of the problem(s); multiple solutions ideation, rapid prototyping; refining of the most suitable solutions, etc; to approach and solve the problem which the client intends to solve.We have a team of highly skilled designers and analysts; and we collaborate also with diverse number of partner firms and experts, to ensure best in class solutions delivery to all our clients.

Design Innovation and Development.

2. Capacity Development: In ICT and TVET (Technical and Vocational Education and Training)

We undertake installation of solar home systems; as well as training of technicians and other higher level stakeholders on key subjects relating to renewable energy.

We also have capacity to deliver electrification projects within domestic and industrial voltage levels. Including rural electrification projects, servicing and maintenance of industrial and domestic electrical installations; as well as switch-gear manufacturing.

Our capacity development efforts ranges from offering of trainings on digital skills, to technical trainings on power systems, instrumentation and technical skills development all around the power sector.

Training Class

We train as well as design, facilitate and deliver trainings in diverse fields odder than ICT, Power and TVET. We believe that with the proper application of design concepts in any fields, barriers to productivity can be unlocked, and potentials would be turned to active value addition at optimal levels.

Surveillance, Remote Monitoring and Control Systems: At Hofti, we have in-house trained professional expert technicians who are conversant with, capable and ever ready to perform for our esteemed clients, the installation of all home electronic systems; ranging from entertainment to security systems, as well as remote surveillance and monitoring systems.

We also work with reputable partner firms who are competent in the installation of tracking systems for your vehicles. and other mobile properties.

Home and Business Surveillance Systems

3. Content Creation: At Hofti Ltd. we help our clients design and create wonderful contents for varied value adding purposes which they may desire to pursue.

These contents may include media contents in the forms of video, audio or writing; for the purposes of pursuing business, education, technology innovation, advertising or any other worthy goals our clients may desire to pursue at any time.