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To Unlock Barriers to Breakthroughs and Unleash Productivity with Design; – Ranging From Design of Physical Products to Design of Services & Experiences.


Solutions and Challenges are like Opposite sides of a Coin; as such, we Use Design to Flip the Coin from the Challenge face to the Solution face.

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Data is the New Oil

Data is the new oil, and designers are the new oil workers. In every business, data is generated. Different businesses collect different types of data, by different means. With the world going digital in leaps and bounds, quality data collection has become paramount for every serious business that wants to survive for more than a

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When we talk design, we consider the connections between form and content. There are near endless possibilities for shaping form and manipulating content when designing products and services. The role of art, in innovation design, is to lead to the creation of the right questions whose answers would most desirably further the attainment of imagined

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Who we are and what we are doing

Let’s use this opportunity to introduce our company. We are Hofti Ltd. (formerly: Hofti Technology). We Design products and deploy strategies and facilities, that enable people learn, create and innovate. An example of our facilities is the Hofti Hub learning Centre located at Plot C701, Saburi Residential District Extension, Dei-Dei Abuja, FCT.   At Hofti

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